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Talisman Capital Group assists private business clients with access to capital and strategies to foster economic growth.  Whether your expansion plans call for placement of private lines of credit, loans, private equity, or arrangement of international financing, Talisman Capital is ready to help you access that capital and reach your financial goals. 

Who We Are

Talisman Capital is staffed with talented individuals, backed by solid expertise, experience and strong track record in the areas we serve.  Our team is compromised of the top financial talents with up-to-the-minute market knowledge utilizing the most sophisticated financial technologies available that not only take advantage of market opportunities for our clients, but also often help create those opportunities.

We back all of our engagements and transactions with a strict policy of total integrity.  Our clients have come to depend on Talisman Capital to deliver 100% in every transaction.

Prime Distributor of Famous Brandname U.S. Consumer Products